The MTPReel™ Cable Retraction System


SUMCAB’s automatic MTPReel cable retraction system is a patented system developed with the objective of improving working and safety conditions in the production environment.

The MTPReel cable retraction system was specially designed for the connector cables of portable teach panels for industrial robots. The system facilitates the safe and orderly storage of the connector cable when the teach panel is no longer in use, preventing premature wear and tear on the cable and eliminating a trip hazard.

Whilst the closed MTPReelsystem includes a power connector, which can be pre-configured for almost all well-known robot models, the open MTPReel-O™ system facilitates the simple upgrading of the existing teach panel connector cable. The upgrade can even be installed in-situ with no great effort or cost.

Our cable retraction system is available in different sizes and for almost all robot control systems on the market. Please contact us if you are unable to find the precise configuration you require in the following overview.

Suitable for Use with Robot Control Systems from:

Our Products


Teach panel connector, adaptor and extension cables

Depending on the MTPReel™ version teach panel connector, adaptor and extension cables are available in various standard lengths and bespoke lengths upon request.

Installation and assembly elements

For the optimum installation of your MTPReel™ we provide various installation and assembly elements such as mounting racks (special section tube construction), switch cabinet stands (swivelling or fixed), and other assembly variants upon request (e.g., special assembly plates fitted to the safety fence).


  • Safety and Organisation

    through the orderly storage of the connector cable after using the teach panel, eliminating trip hazards and enabling a more effective use of floorspace.

  • Time and Cost Savings

    through the simple operation of the system. The detachable automatic cable extraction and retraction arrestor enables a rapid but careful retraction of the connector cable.

  • Conservation of Resources

    through the orderly storage of the connector cable within the MTPReelTM, which protects the cable from contamination and damage and ensures that the teach panel can always be operated without problems.

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