Sumcab Robotics and Becker GmbH have decided to end their long-term partnership

The strategic business partnership between Sumcab Robotics and Becker GmbH has been in existence since 2011. As an authorised dealer, Sumcab provides its customers with dresspack systems from Becker GmbH. Both partners recently agreed to end the strategic partnership on the 1st of August 2018. Becker GmbH will continue to supply Sumcab after the termination of the agreement as part of a post-contractual supply relationship. Sumcab are planning to establish a market presence as a system supplier with an expanded product range for dresspack systems to achieve more flexibility for their customers through additional solution choices and a direct influence on the manufacturing process.


Sumcab Robotics and Becker GmbH can look back on a successful collaboration. The business relationship has been useful to both partners leading to positive results for both companies. Based primarily on their user know-how and market expertise, Sumcab have established and proven themselves as an authorised supplier in the automotive sector over the years, and have introduced the Becker dresspack system to their customers.


Sumcab’s business customers will continue to benefit from Becker’s high-quality dresspack systems in future. One of the provisions of the post-contractual agreement is that Becker will continue to supply Sumcab.


Sumcab is now placing a special emphasis on expanding their dresspack product range to increase its benefit to customers. To augment their own product range in a meaningful way, Sumcab are planning to offer additional solutions and increase their vertical integration to have a direct influence on the manufacturing process. “With this step”, says Lothar Schütz, Managing Director of Sumcab Robotics, “we would like to broaden our range, increase our international operations and provide our customers with more varied problem solutions and shorter response times”.



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