Sumcab Robotics enters the market with advanced dresspack systems

With the market launch of their functionally optimized SUMOFLEX and SUMOSLIDE dresspack systems, Sumcab Robotics is offering its customers an extension of their cable protection product range for use in the robotics and automation technology / energy supply sectors. Both systems are highly flexible in terms of their intended use and construction variants and are particularly easy to maintain thanks to screwless system holders.

The Systems

The SUMOSLIDE (Sumcab Motion Slide) features an extremely compact design and a linear forward and backward movement of the spring carriage. These design features prevent tight bending radii and looping on the robot, making the SUMOSLIDE ideal for guiding corrugated tubeless components such as suction hoses, feed hoses or heated hoses. The compact design also enables the hose package to be guided close to the robot arm, which reduces pinch points and the risk of wear and damage, making SUMOSLIDE the ideal solution for smaller installation spaces.


– Extremely compact design

– Few pinch points

– For small installation spaces

– Ideal for guiding feed hoses

– Twin and multiple solutions possible

– Toolless assembly due to screwless system holders – thus shorter replacement times

SUMOFLEX (Sumcab Motion Flex) is a traditional retraction system with a compression spring mounted on the corrugated tube. The advantage of this system lies in its modular design: both the corrugated tube diameter and the length of the pluggable retraction tube, and, therefore, also the spring travel, can be selected flexibly. Thanks to this modular principle, the SUMOFLEX system can be planned in different lengths to cater to any pinch points around the robot. It provides a high degree of adaptability and is available in a wide variety of designs and assembly variants. The modular SUMOFLEX is therefore the cost-effective variant for maximum flexibility.


– Modular system for maximum flexibility: variable corrugated tube diameter and plug-in retraction tube length

– Can be used independently of robot model – both for new equipment and for inventory optimisation

– Robust and low-wear and tested in the production environment

– Compact design due to reduced volume

– Can be used for cable package interfaces on the robot on axis 2 or 3

– Can be simulated offline using available 3D CAD volume models

– Toolless assembly due to screwless system holders – thus shorter replacement times

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Sumcab Specialcable GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Pfedelbach. It is the German branch of the Spanish Sumcab Group. We see ourselves as a partner to manufacturers and operators of industrial robots. As a special cable manufacturer with a cable plant in Barcelona, we offer our customers not only high-quality products, but also technical solutions, combined with a comprehensive service portfolio. A specialist for mechatronic robot peripherals, SUMCAB develops, supplies and optimises pre-assembled cable systems for robot-guided tools and hand-held programming devices, offering a unique product-service combination.

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